This man risked life and limb as a human rights activist – literally. The scar is from a bullet wound.



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  1. I too am experiencing being a volunteer in a developing country for the first time – the human rights issues are key and your photos are very graphic illustration of the courage of people who are committed. In my case it is the issue of abuse against older people, women in particular, with dementia, who are accused of being witches and dumped in ‘witch camps’ in the North – I have heard now of several reports and seen photographs of old women manacled and lying on the ground. The recently formed Alzheimer Ghana that I am here to support has being doing its best to expose the issue as have a few others but without resources its hard to tackle. I hope that our presence and ability to learn and share will in some small way help to raise the human rights issues up the agendas of these governments.

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